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Intelligent Express DeliveryIntroduction

Aiming at solving the high packet loss probability and low efficiency of sorting system in the express delivery industry, Ganide provides express companies with smart express solutions. Making use of the cloud computing, Internet of Things and Beidou navigation and positioning technology, this solution is for providing customers with better user experience and building the next-generation smart express platform. We store and archive parcel information by installing data reading and wireless transmission module to the bar code scanning gun; we position and track the vehicle or warehouse where the parcels are in with BDS; we enable customers to do real-time remote inquiry of their parcels with our independently developed APP. As a result, the delivery efficiency is greatly increased, so is the customer loyalty. In addition, we add our independently developed low-cost RFID to parcels and install the smart sorting device to the conveyor, realizing automatic sorting through identification of the smart sorting device on RFID. This solution greatly reduces labor cost and effectively lowers the possibility of parcel loss and wrong sorting, and then increases China’s international competitiveness in express delivery services.


  • Smart Sorting

    Smart Sorting

  • Real-time remote inquiry of parcels

    Real-time remote inquiry of parcels

  • Low possibility of parcel loss

    Low possibility of parcel loss

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