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A + Smart CommunityIntroduction

 A+ Smart Community is aimed at creating alacrity-, alertness- and allegiance-oriented high-end smart communities in China. “A” stands for the best in international rating standard, and “+” means "surpassing and adding”. A+ Smart Community strives to surpass the best and keeps innovating, to provide tens of millions of Chinese households with quality smart community service, and to promote your life quality to the largest extent. Different from traditional smart community service, A+ Smart Community not only controls furnishings and household appliances with mobile phone APP or provides O2O community e-commerce services, but also gathers professional teams from various smart communities across China and makes use of latest RFID technology, bio-identification technology, radio frequency monitoring network technology, location technology, intelligent lighting control array technology, etc., to create the integrated, networked, digital, wireless, smart and modularized intelligent community products based on integrated solutions. Those products are able to meet the community life needs in all aspects and provide you with safe and convenient traveling and living experience. With A+ Smart Community, life could be better and better. It is the expert of intelligent community products based on integrated solutions in China.


  • A+ security

    Face recognition access control system, exclusive VIP QR code security alarm & monitoring system

  • A+ family care

    Locating detection system, SOS one-key distress system, remote medical diagnosis

  • A+ convenient life

    Pass smart gateway for parking without card swiping, “Shake it off” owner exclusive APP for accessing community entrance guard

  • A+ Cloud Service

    O2O electronic platform for ESN convenient shopping

  • A+ technological interaction

    EST corner Holographic imaging interaction Messaging Fountain interaction Power generation by optical energy Power generation based on fitness energy

  • A+ communication

    Point-to-point property service system, zero distance communication platform among neighbors

Other Solutions

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  • Intelligent Express Delivery Intelligent Express Delivery MORE+