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Micro-system Basketball League Match -2015 News Release


On the evening of June 18, 2015, Union Branch Basketball Team of Ganide defeated Integration Team with 41:31, and ranked No.2 in the group game with five wins and two losses, being the runner-up of this “Micro-system” titled basketball league match. Micro-system Team 1 won the championship with clean sweep. Union Branch Basketball Team of Ganide defeated strong teams including Rongwei, Module, General Assembly, Xiqu and integration basketball teams. The high-spirited and vigorous players well cooperated with each other in the game, carrying forward the spirit of striving for success of Ganide and wining the reputation from the audience and even the competitors. Game ends, and players are confident, expressing hope for achieving better result next year.

(Union Branch Basketball Team of Ganide and Its Cheerleaders)


(New player—Wang Wei from

Research and Development


(Lv Jiping, playing center

forward, scores a penalty shot)

(Cheerleaders are absorbed in the game)
(Lovely Cheerleaders)

By the Department of General Affairs

June 19, 2015