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European Microwave Week 2014 News Release


During October 7-13, 2014, Tong Wei, General Manager of Ganide, led a team of relevant technical experts and marketing staff to participate in European Microwave Week 2014 which is the most famed professional forum and exhibition in microwave communication. Organized by the European Microwave Association, it involves radio-frequency technology, microwave technology, radar technology, wireless communication technology, etc.

Illustration 1, Ganide’s Staff at the Exhibition

Illustration 2, Tong Wei, General Manager of Ganide, talks over with visitors

Ganide promoted and exhibited its featured products, and highlighted the “chip” power and integrated packaging application at the exhibition. Ganide’s stand attracted almost a thousand visitors, among which, about two hundred had direct communication with the staff. With efforts of General Manager Tong, Ganide and Manchester reached strategic cooperation intention, which plays a key role in introduction of advanced development products and talents.

 This is Ganide’s debut on international arena. As a rising star in chip industry, Ganide has demonstrated its corporate culture of “being positive, potential, audacious, and always a step ahead”, and has been well recognized by global clients and peer companies. This has paved a solid way for it to explore the international market in the future.