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CIOE 2014 News Release



     During September 2-5, 2014, Ganide, a photo-communication core chip provider, made the debut in the 16th CIOE held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Its products including ultra-low-power-consumption TIA, highly sensitive TIA and ONU/OLT and high-cost-performance MCU caused quite a stir at the show.

     Among a handful of photo-communication core chip designers, Ganide is active in seeking for differentiated innovation and technical advantages, having launched the innovative low-power-consumption photo-communication core chip design technology. Its product 1.25Gbps highly sensitive, low-power-consumption TIA (GNA4103) shown at the expo can compete with international similar products in performance, and is of the lowest power consumption in the industry. This chip not only breaks the monopoly of overseas manufacturers on highly sensitive TIA chip products, but also provides the best option of low-power-consumption application for photo-communication module and device manufacturers.


   As one of the two Chinese photo-communication chip manufacturers at the expo, Ganide and its products attracted considerable attention. We are pleased to being recognized in the industry, but also feel great pressure. China accounts for 1/2, 1/2 and 1/3 in optical devices, access network equipment and transmission equipment consumption, respectively, in global communication market. However, most of the equipment is imported. In order to realize localization of the core devices and develop photo-communication industry chain in China, Ganide, as one of the players in this field, has made a firm step forward. It will persist in innovation and transformation to develop new products in the future. As General Manager Tong Wei answered the reporter at the expo, “For us new player, following the way of overseas companies is just our short-term strategy. Shooting ahead and surpassing them are our ultimate goal.”


   Tong Wei, General Manager of Ganide, is interviewed by reporters from the Communications Weekly


   Ganide’s Staff at the Exhibition